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Wireless Data Services

Today, the Services and Products that Pesco Telecom offers cover a very broad range of communication solutions and needs:

Intranet Multi-Branch WAN Connectivity, for corporate customers, as per the first 3 layers of ISO Seven - Layer Model, with possibility of alternate backup path:

Our Offered solutions are based on ISO’s Seven-Layer Model and are essentially IP based dedicated connections. However, and upon specific customer requests, we can also provide solutions over dedicated Transparent or Frame Relay or IP MPLS(Traffic prioritization):

  • IP based connections-Layer3(Network): Highly flexible, with the added privacy through the use of dedicated VLAN's per customer, on the WAN side. Details

  • Dedicated Transport connections-Layer1(Physical): Highly secure offered on serial or G.703/.704 E1 interfaces. Details

  • Frame relay connections-Layer2(Data Link): Highly secure, yet extremely flexible, and allowing meshed WAN interfaces. Details

Internet connectivity to corporate customers through all major Lebanese ISP’s:
Most of the Internet connections we presently provide include a Layer 3 TCP/IP Ethernet connection with built-in router. To these dedicated and unlimited internet connections, several possible value-added Layer 4 services essential for the security and flexibility of an Internet connection can be offered, such as IP filtering/IP blocking, Firewall, NAT, DHCP, etc…

Internet service for Residentials, using Indoor Wireless Modems, in partnership with Major Lebanese ISP’s:
Internet Service for the Lebanese Residential Market is also provided by Pesco Telecom, since 2005. The service is based on Expedience proven NLOS (Non Line of Sight) technology and allows an end customer to connect to the Internet through the use of a self-owned zero-install indoor modem. Details

Bandwidth monitoring:
Pesco Telecom customers can monitor their bandwidth usage, by accesscing Pesco Telecom's online SNMP server.
Through all this broad range of services, Pesco Telecom was able to maintain its reputation of providing the BEST SERVICE IN TOWN both in terms of wireless links availability in all weather conditions, overall link availability, flexibility to meet the changing requirements of the customer, speed and precision of our customer support teams as well as the dedication and effectiveness of our Account Managing team.


ADSL Service

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a high-speed internet connection, using the same line as a regular telephone, in partnership with WISE:
This means it's an always on, faster internet connection and using the copper wire of your regular phone lines. You can also surf the internet and read your email while using your telephone to make calls – all at the same time!
Connection Speed can reach up to 8Mbits and depends on the distance from your end point to the Closest Central Office.

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