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Portable Wireless BroadBand

Frequently Asked Questions


General questions about the service

Can I use my telephone or fax machine while I'm online ?
Yes. Our technology uses a separate wireless connection that leaves your phone line free.

How big is the modem? How much power does it consume?
The summarized modem specs are the following:

Standards IEEE 802.3 (10base-T) RJ 45Network
Protocols IP Ethernet
LED Indicator  Integral Signal Strength
Power Consumption 10 watts
Electrical Specifications    90-240 Volts :  50/60Hz
Dimensions   23.5 cm x 16.2 cm x 3 cm

How secure is the connection? Is it more secure than Wi-Fi?
Your connection is very secure. Thatís because our wireless technology uses OFDM transmission protocol, featuring a design standard that includes secure wireless data transmission. Wi-Fi operates on unlicensed 2.4GHz frequencies, making it vulnerable to scanning and packet interception. Our service operates at Licensed Frequencies allocated exclusively to us by the Lebanese Ministry of Telecommunication (MoT). Licensed frequencies and OFDM make for a very secure connection.

What type of computer do I need? What are the system requirements for using your service?
Our service is compatible with any PCs or Macs, as long as it is equipped with an Ethernet 10/100 Base-T port.

Can I use the residential service with Apple and Linux systems?
Yes and yes, as long as a RJ-45 Ethernet port is available. To be able to connect multiple devices including smart phones, tablets, IPODs etc... we recommend the use of wi-fi access points. (Typical Setup)


Internet Service Providers:

OK. I am convinced. How can I subscribe to the service? What are the service plans?
The service is provided through all major ISPís in Lebanon, and namely:

Cyberia : Wireless BITS service 
IDM: Home Wireless Broadband service 
Sodetel : WINS service 
Terranet: TerraSmart service

I am presently subscribed with an ISP, but I would like to try my connection next month with another ISP. Can I do that? How?
Yes. Unless you have asked your ISP for an automatic service renewal, your Internet access will stop by itself at the end of the existing billing cycle. Once your service is deactivated, and, using your web browser, you should try to enter to any web page, e.g. You will be automatically re-directed to Pesco telecom activation page, where you can select your new ISP, and enter the credentials (prepaid card number) required for activation.

What about support? If I have a problem, should I contact you or my ISP?
The first line of support has to be your ISP, who has qualified personnel to attend to most of your needs.

My modem has fallen down and is not working anymore. How can I repair it?
You should absolutely refrain from trying to repair it yourself. Not only would such an action void all warranties, but it may also render the unit non-repairable. You should bring back the unit to your ISP who will coordinate the repair process with our repair department, and assist you in any way he can.


What issues could impact my modemís ability to receive the signals?
You must be within our service coverage area to receive the signal. However, it should be noted that it is possible, although rare, to be within the coverage area and not be able to receive a signal. This could be due to unusual geography or circumstance, such as highly reflective material on the windows as it seriously attenuates all radio signals.
In the neighborhood of our coverage area, service is sometimes possible, but not guaranteed. In these cases, it is highly recommended to ask your ISP for a live test, at your premises, before subscribing to the service.

So where is your service coverage area:
Please check the
Coverage page

What if I am not within your present coverage area?
As our coverage is always expanding, we always welcome feedback about new areas that need to be served, and will try our best to reach very soon the requested areas, provided there are enough requests from that area.
If you would like to request coverage of a certain area, please send us an email to Please make sure that you indicate in your email a precise address, and if possible GPS coordinates of your location. You should also include in the email your personal coordinates, phone number and email. This will help us assess the seriousness of your request, and notify you when the service reaches your area. There will be absolutely no other use for any information included in the email.

Can I use my connection in more than one place?
Yes. The modem will normally operate anywhere it can detect a good signal.


Modem and Radio related Tips:

How can I adjust the modem to receive the strongest signal possible?
Once you have found the room with the strongest signal, place the modem in a location that is convenient for you. Fine-tune your modem by pointing the back of the modem (the side without the logo) toward a window. Note that the signal travels through reflections, so you might sometimes get a good signal if you point it towards a facing building. Note the number of lights that blink. Then rotate the modem by turning it to the left and right until you identify the position with the strongest signal.
Please note that the above steps are just guidelines. More detailed information would be provided by your ISP, either on his web page, or on the leaflet enclosed with the modem.

What if my computer is set up in one room but the wireless signal is stronger in another?
If you need to install the modem in another room, you should have either a direct cable connection (Cat 5 cables, up to 50m), or a WI-Fi Access Point. Both solutions can be easily deployed by any competent computer supplier.

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